Welcome to my blog, a little place in the interwebs to talk about things I love. I dip my fingers in things that interest me and because of that I am an amateur in many things. Dressing up, baking and taking photos are some of them.

I am a marketing manager by day and a Business student many nights during the week. My spare time is spent blogging, [window] shopping, golfing, baking, trying new restaurants, taking pictures, playing with our two adopted dogs or spending quality time away from any sort of screen with my husband. I am an expat from Manila (Philippines) but I have fallen in love with living in the US and have planted my roots here in the West Coast. 

Pictures in this blog are taken by myself, Ron or my sister unless otherwise specified. My husband and I use a Canon Rebel 70D body and a 50mm f1/8 or 24mm f2/8 lens.

As of September 2015, janmloves.blogspot.com is no longer accepting sponsors.