Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beach Day: La Jolla, CA

When my sister was in town, we spent her only weekend here in SoCal in San Diego. And as one of our cousins suggested, we hung out at La Jolla after we all got a massage. I already miss that weekend and how much time we spent relaxing. Quality time with family is always time well-spent.

The sky in these pictures are so deceptive, you'd think it was a cold day at the beach but I promise you, it was not. It was so hot and bright!
So we tested the water, it wasn't cold but there were so many slippery rocks that it did not feel safe to dive in and go far from the shore.
And then this thing I know would happen happened.
But don't worry, nobody got hurt...within the next 15 minutes. Haha!
Don't worry, she's fine. :p
Now here's my sister and her cool sunnies. 
 And then the sisters again thinking they're cool with their kuya Ron handing them the GoPro.
 "I need a GoPro."
My love. :)
You will never guess why she was running towards me and Ron.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Phil's BBQ, San Diego CA

Being second in line is not bad when you're in line for Phil's. We got there at around 10:30am and we were the second group in line. We did not mind the wait at all because we all heard it from other people and now we're saying it too: IT'S WORTH THE WAIT.

The restaurant has a "fastfood system" and with that I mean you would order from the counter and wait for your order to be ready. I'm pretty sure the meats have been in the BBQ hours and hours prior so they'd be easy to prepare.
Photo Cred: Mika
The taste was in the other side of the restaurant spectrum from fast foods though. I got the Beefy Bone and Chicken with a fresh corn on the cob and it was amazing. Like, seriously. The meat was falling off the bone--that goes for both the beef rib and the chicken. I practically pulled the chicken bone out of the leg and showed it to my cousins...who were all as amazed as me. Haha!
Photo Cred: Mika

Thursday, August 14, 2014

LACMA with My Sisters

Because my car was not ready from the mechanic yet, I took the day off and crashed my sisters' day in LA. Our first touristy stop that day was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.It was not my first time there but it always seems like it's the first time because there is so much to discover and the last time I went was over five years ago. Wish we had more energy and time to actually visit all the exhibits though!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

That Sleepy Feeling

Ever have one of those days when all you want to do is sleep? That was the kind of day Fox was having when these photos were taken. I find his little sighs and attempts to sleep while I keep on moving around so cute. I am in the same mood as I am typing this. I am still tired from the busy week with my little sister in town. I am now in the middle of transitioning to a new job while I am recovering from the good times this past week. Wish me luck. And in case you missed it, yes, I was offered a new job in my preferred industry and I took it! :)

Yes, these photos were purposely edited to make you feel sleepy after you look at it. ;)

Monday, July 28, 2014

How Could You Not Want to Come Home to This?

Sometimes, when Ron calls me to let me know that he is on his way home, I get the dog excited for his daddy. On this one specific day, I cracked the door open so Fox can take a peek.
When I heard Ron's car rev up on its way to the subterranean garage, we walked out and waited in the patio. Fox was very serious about waiting for his daddy.
Then Ron saw us from afar and started yelling out Fox's name. The dog just went crazy barking, jumping, bending down, while vigorously wagging his tail.
To reciprocate the excitement, Ron bent down so Fox can give him kisses.

PS, I am proud to say that none of these pictures were edited. Yay for learning how to shoot in manual mode! :)