Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our Busy Life Just Got Busier!

I am a busy person, in my opinion. I have Ron and a dog. I have three classes this semester, 2 of which I go to school for 3 nights a week, and I am now working full-time. I am the homemaker for the most part and I am also making time to be more fit now meaning, I make time to work out in the morning. Ron is pretty busy too. A full-time job, he's also doing some self-study, he works out 4 days a week after work, he plays basketball at least once a week and has been helping more around the house (I know, he's awesome). On top of that, he has me and Fox. Now, you know what we thought would be a great addition to our already busy life?

Another dog.

Yep, we got another one. He is the other apple of our eyes and he's a perfect addition to our little family. I am not going to say it has been easy because emotionally and mentally, it has not been the best feeling leaving the house with two little creatures already waiting for me to come back. I know I’ll get through it like I did when Fox was brand new but this feeling makes me anxious and waaaay too excited to come home. I mean, THE best part of my day just got better. And seeing our new little dog’s crooked tail wagging hard and Fox’s bright eyes all happy to see me makes the stress worth it!

Ron and I always tell our friends that Fox is the best stress reliever. Now that we have two, I can't imagine coming home to a quiet and peaceful home. LOL! I’ll write more about the new dog in another post but for now, I’m just happy to finally be able to let the news out to the interwebs because we’re done surprising our families!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thank You, World

I have so many drafts in my Blogger Dashboard right now but I want to make sure this makes it to the blog than anything else.

I want to remember how I am feeling right now. I am so thankful for everyone around me who supports me and Ron through everything. The other day, I asked myself, when were you genuinely happy? Aside from the moment when I said yes and when we said our I dos, it was the time when I saw my mom after she had a major surgery and she was A-okay and the time when my mom's dad underwent a heart surgery and when the nurse at the recovery room told him we were taking a peek at the recovery room's huge window to check on him, he got his shit together and waved at us. It was one of those moments that made me loudly whisper YES and close my eyes in gratitude.
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Something happened to one of my closest friends' family that got me thinking about all this. To make sure to take advantage of every moment we spend or may spend with people we love. To keep the negative energy out and instead, keep things positive, to let go of what ifs and what could have beens but instead focus on living a better life.
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This time last year I was in a slump. I had just gotten laid off and I had no idea where I should start again. It felt like being dumped, however it was not a bitter situation, I saw it coming and I was expecting it. That doesn’t make the situation easier though, although, I had a good problem to have: What do I do with all this time?

I took it easy. My mom and sisters were supportive of me and would often ask what my plans were. I didn’t have one, to be honest. Around Christmas time, I almost got a job but the company didn’t want to spend money on social media just yet. So it was a few more months of unemployment. I convinced myself I deserved the time off but somehow, it didn’t feel right to not be doing anything. I finally found a job a couple of months later, although it was not in my preferred industry, I took it. I had a wonderful boss but I had to leave because I found a gem of a job that I am very grateful to have. I don’t where I am headed next but right now, at this moment, I am happy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Foodie Adventures: MILK

It appears like I have forgotten to post these marvelous photos. Marvelous because I took them, edited them and mainly because it is all about food. On a more relevant note, like I said on Instagram, I take whatever I said back. MILK is an awesome place. You can find it in Central LA, only a few miles from LACMA...and across the street from Buzzfeed and Blick Art Store.

Banana Dulce De Leche Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts
The Grasshopper: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Macaron

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beach Day: La Jolla, CA

When my sister was in town, we spent her only weekend here in SoCal in San Diego. And as one of our cousins suggested, we hung out at La Jolla after we all got a massage. I already miss that weekend and how much time we spent relaxing. Quality time with family is always time well-spent.

The sky in these pictures are so deceptive, you'd think it was a cold day at the beach but I promise you, it was not. It was so hot and bright!
So we tested the water, it wasn't cold but there were so many slippery rocks that it did not feel safe to dive in and go far from the shore.
And then this thing I know would happen happened.
But don't worry, nobody got hurt...within the next 15 minutes. Haha!
Don't worry, she's fine. :p
Now here's my sister and her cool sunnies. 
 And then the sisters again thinking they're cool with their kuya Ron handing them the GoPro.
 "I need a GoPro."
My love. :)
You will never guess why she was running towards me and Ron.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Phil's BBQ, San Diego CA

Being second in line is not bad when you're in line for Phil's. We got there at around 10:30am and we were the second group in line. We did not mind the wait at all because we all heard it from other people and now we're saying it too: IT'S WORTH THE WAIT.

The restaurant has a "fastfood system" and with that I mean you would order from the counter and wait for your order to be ready. I'm pretty sure the meats have been in the BBQ hours and hours prior so they'd be easy to prepare.
Photo Cred: Mika
The taste was in the other side of the restaurant spectrum from fast foods though. I got the Beefy Bone and Chicken with a fresh corn on the cob and it was amazing. Like, seriously. The meat was falling off the bone--that goes for both the beef rib and the chicken. I practically pulled the chicken bone out of the leg and showed it to my cousins...who were all as amazed as me. Haha!
Photo Cred: Mika