Shopping at Zara

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Zara Sale

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Despite shopping the Zara sale as soon as it started back in June, I still sometimes cannot resist going back and forth their site to check for more stuff I want from their sale...then I remind myself that I have a few new pieces that I have not worn since June so close my tab and try hard to not open the website again. Hahaha!

I actually tried the fringe top at the store but the S felt too tight and did not bother trying on size M because I was tired and Ron was already done shopping the men's sale.

Have you gotten anything from the sale? I got something pretty cool that I'll be sharing soon! :)

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Casual in Red Birks + $500 Amazon Giveaway

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Tank: Loft. Necklace: Forever21. Bag: Madewell. Shorts: REALLY old. Birks: Madewell. 

The past few weeks have been SO busy, with my sister's entire family moving to the US and all. I think it'll settle down a bit now though. Ron and I ran errands and rearranged the living area and it all started from a smell that I was not a fan of.

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Anyway, while I am working on getting my blogging mojo on, here's a giveaway to get yourself a $500 gift card to Amazon, hosted by no other than Oh My Gosh Beck!

Crystals + Life Lately

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Top: Loft (similar). Bag: JustFab (here). Sandals: Target (similar). Necklace: Rocksbox.

On this day, I woke up wanting to wear a tank top and end up wondering what I should wear over it. I almost forgot that I had this lace shell top that I *accidentally* received from the Loft and have yet to wear this piece from my 4th Rocksbox. :)

I have not done a lot of updating about life which I used to do a lot of in the past so hear goes...
  • July is full of family love. It’s the first summer in YEARS that I got to spend with my entire family. I am overwhelmed (and stressed) sometimes that there’s so many of us now but it’s also a reminder that my side of the family is in the same country as me…finally.
  • One of my coworkers’ grandma passed away recently and that was a reality check for me. I have not seen either of my grandmas and who am I kidding, they are not getting any younger so I thought it was time to do something I said I wouldn’t do anytime soon…I booked a ticket to our hometown. See you in January, Manila.
  • Ron and I have been obsessed with traveling. We’ve been planning so many trips to so many places.  I actually can’t wait until I book it.
  • Summer has been SO BUSY. I barely have computer time at home. I should be back to regular programming soon though because fall semester is about to start.

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