"That Weird Connection"


Yesterday, I was talking with someone at work about this "connection" Ron and I have...like while I'm texting him about my whereabouts, my phone will ring and he's the one calling. Funny thing is, the answer to his first question is what I was texting to him. It happened again last night when I saw him comment back to Mark, our friend who works at Nike telling him that he wants a Nike Free. I texted Mark that I want to get shoes for Ron so he should fish and make him pick what he wants so I can get it for him.

While Mark and I were texting, he was reporting Ron's IMs to him. He was telling me that Ron wants to buy 2 pairs of shoes! TWO! I asked Mark if he was messing with me and he didn't reply.

After hearing that Ron wanted 2, I gave up on the idea, I can't afford that right now, I'm saving up for a car so maybe I'll pass on the "I'm a good girl friend card" for now.

Now here's the twist of the story! Later that night Ron IMed me "lovey, bili tayo ng shoes, partners tayo." Hahaha! I was laughing quietly in my bed when I read his IM. Who would have thought that he was thinking of getting me shoes too? :)


  1. Awwwwww sweet! Akala ko naman gahaman sya sa shoes. Hehe

  2. Ochi, yun din, gahaman talaga sya sa shoes. As in GAHAMAN! Hahaha!

  3. He bailed on the idea too so he'll just get 2 for himself! Ganyan sya kaadik sa shoes! :p