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I need some air to breathe in. I feel like I've been imprisoned in a cell to do the same thing. Repetition gets old. I always need something to spice things up. Something that will give my life an extra "umph."
  • My classes are doing its trick in making my brain work like it used to when I was in high school and college.
  • Next step is to make my life more romantic; i just hope Ron cooperates. Just so you know, he's not the hopeless romantic type of guy, it just so happens that I'm the hopeless romantic type of girl.
  • My church is also one of my concerns. I want to be a part of one of those community service places such as soup kitchens and feed the homeless people. That should be exciting.
  • I'm planning on registering for the 2011 Stand for Hope Charity Walk/Run. I've never been in a charity run so this is exciting for me!

On another note, I've lost all my excitement towards celebrating Valentine's Day. I don't know I kind of have been feeling very blah this week - that's probably me having vacation withdrawals. I don't think I can work 5 day in a row anymore. The Big Bear trip we went to last week made me feel worse! I wan't to be on vacation (with unlimited pocket money) foreverrr! ;)

That's all for now my lovely readers!


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