Summer is Here

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Wow, I have not been blogging lately. I guess I'm losing the blogging bug? Hope not. I've been going on shopping sprees lately and realized one thing. I spend less money on my shopping sprees than on weekends when I prefer to do "stuff" like go out with my friends and or party in. Anyway, now let me talk about whatever...

From April to June, I've gained over 5 pounds, it is not that alarming you may say but it is to me. 5 lbs is enough for my tummy to be too big when wearing dresses and clothes that are a little tight. I worry everyday about my weight and now I'm starting to skip meals again. My boyfriend on the other hand lost weight and is trying to gain his lost weight back. Now you know the reason why I'm getting fat.

Been spending a lot of my time with Ron lately. I love our very small conversations. I love how I can now get away with Instagram-ing or sleeping while he drives us home. He would just ask me what I'm doing and would pretend to get jealous when I say I'm instagraming. LOL. Sleeping while someone drives is becoming something that we're both getting comfortable in doing unless of course we're using the 350z which I have not practiced driving yet ;)

It's been very very hot here in Southern California, it brings my mood down. I would now get up earlier to avoid the gross sticky experience of getting out of the shower already sweating. I just hate hot weather, it's perfect for some activities but people should not consider this their ideal weather or they're going to be toasted.

Weekend in Pictures:


Sturtevant Falls

Pool House

First timer


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