Hold Me Now

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"We fuss and we fight and delight in the tears that we cry until dawn"

Last weekend was exhausting and bittersweet.

On Saturday, we headed to Channel Islands Harbor to go kayaking and eat seafood for Grace's Nth birthday - she does not want to disclose her age for some reason, she's not even aware that my peoples already told me how young she is. Kayaking and eating is always a GREAT mix if you ask me. Paddling for a little more than and hour, burning all the calories and having that activity followed up by a chance to indulge in over 10 lbs of seafood is really a hit for me you know. ;)
When we got home (to our apartment, which was also the meeting place), my sisters and their friends prepared for a suprise birthday party for Grace and Barbs. I was about to leave but they asked me to help AND I heard the Mylo, the fatso is coming so I had enough reason to stay.

After the surprise, I headed to Carson, that's a good 30-35 mile drive for Koy's birthday. Met up with friends, Danna and Ron there and after maybe an hour there, we headed to La Puente for Coi, Mike and Ken's birthday. Everyone there was drunk and we left after a little more than half an hour because of Ron's birthday.

On our way home from the third party, Ron got ticked off because a friend at past 12midnight. I find it a little cute but he kind of took it to the extreme since I guess he does not really have a lot of reason to get pissed at me lately. Haha ;) I still think it's cute when he gets mad.

I had a surprise planned for him since Tuesday! While he was in class on Sunday, I went shopping for myself and for groceries for the surprise. I didn't want us to eat out that night - I feel like all the commute takes too much time from our lives and I've always wanted him to realize how inexpensive it is that we just cook our dinner when I'm at his place. I made Kwekwek (original surprise) and Pork Sinigang - he wanted me to surprise him for what we were eating for dinner. I also got mango ice cream for dessert but we were SO full already.

This weekend I realized that I still enjoy being in the kitchen - especially when I'm alone and I also love just having Ron watch me while I do stuff there. We also get to talk that way and I super enjoy that. He also turns to my Facebook News Feed when he sits at the counter while I work because he tells me everything he reads about our common friends.

How was your weekend?


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