Grace Under Pressure

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Last week was probably the worst week in my professional life. I failed miserably in balancing work and play and was so stressed that my body actually decided to react to it on its own without any warning. Naah, I didn't get sick or anything, it's going to be TMI is I shared it on here. ;)

So 2 weekends ago, Ron and I got a massage... well I got battered by this lady who slid her elbow down my spine - definitely a newb's mistake but after that, I just got so stressed while being massaged. It was definitely annoying but I got through it and it was followed by the most stressful week ever.
I started on a Tuesday - hate when 5 day weeks turn into 4 day weeks because Monday was a holiday. I'd rather have Friday as a holiday than Monday. Anyway, we had to work on a client's gig on Thursday which started at 6am NEW YORK TIME. That's 3 hours ahead of Los Angeles so go figure. It was amazing that I got through the whole day at work but mind you, it felt like I was floating. Lack of sleep is probably my brain's worst enemy.

So after that was Friday which was not very pleasant because I had a headache which was carried over from Thursday due to lack of sleep. We went to eat Korean BBQ for dinner with our friends and then Ron and I decided to stay at home and sleep and prepare for a busy day on Saturday. I had to drive with mommy last Saturday and eat a lot at her friend's house and then go back home. The drive was an hour each way, I didn't really mind it, I guess I'm already used to driving... The food was amazing and the best part was that everything was homemade! Oh my tummy was so happy!!! We (meaning the adults and I) also played in the jump jump! Always love playing in that thing. Haha!
At O Dae San. Ron and I haven't had KBBQ in so long.

Ron's brother sent us Ray-bans!
Ron and I went shopping on Sunday and all I got were a pair of earrings from F21 and pillows... we always have a good night's sleep in my bed but lately we've both been complaining about back pain and I've been whining about how flat my head pillows are so he convinced me to buy new pillows. I got extra firm ones and they're great so far (only had them for a night though)!

So now I'm back in the grind, preparing for a lazy weekend next week. Ron has school and I have an exam on the 20th so we're aiming to study the whole weekend at his place. ;)

I hope you all have a great week!


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