Mobile Evolution

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Back in 2000, did you ever think you'd be holding a touch screen phone and ditching your then beloved awesome phone? Personally, I didn't think I would but the era that was THE future in the 1950s is here and were all moving on and catching up in our own ways with the fast evolution of technology. Here's my own personal struggle in catching up with the evolution of cellphones... from my first "3-liner" phone to this crappy iPhone 3G... of course it wasn't crappy when it was new...
Who remembers the super popular text beep of this phone? *toot-toot toot-toot*
My godfather gave me one of these and I gladly accepted the upgrade.
This phone got stolen in school on the only day that we're allowed to bring cellphones. LAME.
I was going to college and wanted a new phone to take pictures so my parents granted my wish!
This one I asked for Christmas in 2005.

Then I moved to the US...
It was only 49.99 and you can IM through it as long as you have unlimited texts. Pretty cool.

This is my first smart phone. It got me through a lot and I love how it NEVER really slowed down.
This was a great phone until it died and TMobile gave me a replacement which died as well.
This is actually the boyfriend's. I'm using it till I decide which phone to get.
What phone do you think I should get? 4S, Evo 3D or the Galaxy S2? Choices, choices...

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pictures in this blog post. I simply Googled them and copied the link of the location of the images.


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