Where? What? VEGAS!

Last weekend was supposed to be one of those chill, relaxed weekends I always look forward to but it turned out to be awesome-er! ;) My friends and I are never good at planning anything so one of us decided to book a hotel and tell everyone who wanted to go to Vegas to pack and head there on Friday. Of course, Ron and I WANTED to go. We've been wanting to go back since we got back in LA from Vegas in April... yes, that bad. Here are the few pictures we were able to take...

Woke up to these lights! And yes, slept through pretty much the whole drive to Vegas.

In the restaurant at the California hotel for their infamous Oxtail soup. They only serve it after 11pm for those people who are having the munchies. 70% of the people who come to this place to eat are Filipinos. 

California Hotel's Oxtail soup with rice. You can also get it with brown rice. Five stars.
Here's a picture of our suite after the cleaning lady cleaned and fixed it. Pretty fly I tell you.

Now off we go restaurant hunting at the Mandalay Bay!

We decided to eat at the Noodle House. Fair prices, good portions. Three stars.
Got a Ketel One with Lemonade to start the night.

This picture was taken maybe like half an hour before we left. I've been saying this since yesterday but Ron and I are getting old. We got tired partying. Haha! Four stars for the club as the dance floor is WAY too small for a Vegas club. I'm an XS baby so please excuse the picky-ness.

Ron had 4 crab legs, I had 5. He didn't finish the plate on the left, I finished all of mine. Pretty ballsy move knowing that  I was going to drive us kind of halfway home. Five stars for this resto.
My tiny dessert plate! :)

This is the first time that I did not set foot at the Wynn and Encore - those two hotels are our favorite but they're a little to pricey for a spontaneous trip.


  1. Wow, looks like such a fun, entertaining, amazing weekend!

  2. Hi Sam, it was fun! Didn't think we'd be up for an adventure like this. :)

    Thanks for commenting!