Fat Weekend

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I had a very fatty weekend last week. It started on Friday and ended on Monday morning. For some reason, I was really into Japanese food.

Friday was quite hectic and I wanted to reward myself for taking my sister to LAX at 3:30AM for their flight to Georgia. I don't really have a picture of what I ate but I have a picture of an interesting item from the menu. For dinner, the boyf and I had a pound of shrimp, corn on the cob (2 for me!) and deep fried oysters from Bucket of Crabs and Crawfish in Upland, CA - YUMMY!
"Macrobiotic Gozen Box"
Eggplant, Studio City, CA
Saturday was my second day of Japanese lunch craving. I wanted Udon but it wasn't rainy enough for that so I had a Bento Box - which is ALWAYS my favorite thing to order from Japanese places because it has a bit of every kind of goodness you can get from a Japanese resto.

Salmon and Tempura Bento Box

Octopus Sashimi

Got these on our after lunch Target run.
I had to work in the office on Saturday night, glad I was not alone in the office though! A coworker and I had pizza, wings and bread sticks delivered from Papa John's while watching the stream of the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight. It was one of my quickest shifts ever. My coworker's a 100% Filipino, although he doesn't speak Filipino, we still had a lot to talk about like when he told me he was that guy who always called at lunch when it was my turn to answer the phones when he was looking into working here back then. Haha.
At work ;)

We streamed the fight on my laptop and the office conference room PC so when the stream pauses/lags in one, we can resort to the other one.
I drove back to the boyf's place after my shift (12mn) and on Monday, he gave me all these to eat at work.

Easy Mac, bottle of water, Hi-C, popcorn and Hot Pockets


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