Thanksgiving and More

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The past weeks have been extremely hectic to the point that I wrote and published my most recent entry before this through my phone.

So what's new?

The boyfriend got me a new phone! A new iPhone to be specific. I have been using his old wrongly jailbroken phone for almost a year and it certainly cannot keep up with how much I depend on my phone - for work, school, taking pictures, social media and games... yes, I'm one of those people who actually optimize the purpose of my gadget. :)

I made dinner on Thanksgiving. Well nothing special, just lumpia, kwekwek, chicken sopas, vanilla cupcakes and brownies. My sister bought Chickenjoy from Jollibee. Basically, we just turned our Thanksgiving day to junkfood day! Maybe because Filipinos don't really celebrate Thanksgiving? We usually give thanks on December 31st and make sure that we spend that night with loved ones so we can welcome the year together. :)

Ron and I went shopping together on Black Friday and I GOT SO EXHAUSTED. I need to remind myself next year to work out before Black Friday so I can keep up with Ron. He is seriously the hugest shopper I know. From Friday to Saturday, we managed to go to 3 different Best Buys, probably 3 different Targets, Fry's, Topanga Mall, Camarillo Outlet, Victoria Gardens and I let Ron go on his own to Ontario Mills.

The office gave me a free day off because of my 8 hour shift on November 12th and of course, the smartass that I am, I picked November 28th to give myself a 5 day weekend! I spend that day in Fontana with my friend Nina and her kids Jacob and Joshua. I love conversations with 4 year olds! You can watch a video of little Jacob below.

Ron got out of work late that I finished watching Sex and the City on E! whiel waiting for him. We headed to our favorite Japanese place in Ontario and found out that it has closed its doors to the public... forever. I was sad but I've been wanting to try the Japanese place next to the Church we go to every Sunday so we agreed on going there. And amazingly, it was one of the best if not the best sushi place I've ate in. They also gave out free Japanese peppers and Mochi Ice cream. It was a really good night with Ron. I asked him to watch the 1st episode ever of How I Met Your Mother and I am SO GLAD he liked the series. We watched 5 episodes on Netflix before we knocked out. I love how he kept saying "I don't like this show! Oops! I pressed on play!" pretending he doesn't like my suggestion. Okay so he now watches HIMYM... I think I just fell in love with him more. ;)

Okay, enough of the blab. Here are some pictures...

This was at Target at 3am on Black Friday.
Chilling with my sister and mom before I drove to Rancho Cucamonga... Like I said, I let Ron shop on his own at Ontario Mills. Haha.
I was making breakfast and lunch last Sunday when Ron made a booboo (he told me we still had soy sauce without checking) and got me flowers when he made a run to the store for soy sauce. He knows how to work his charm on me ;)
Sunday Night Date: (From Top L-R) Nutella Crepe, the Christmas tree at Victoria Gardens, Ron waiting for his crepe and what I called FROGSKIN WORLD!
We watched Take Me Home Tonight after our date on Sunday.
Top L-R: Rolling Roll, Samurai Roll, Mochi Ice Cream and Japanese Peppers from Rolling Sushi.


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