Santa's in Town Early

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Believe it or not, I've already gotten presents this year! ;)

It's so tiny and light! (NWSS!)

I've always wanted a Sony W series point and shoot cam. I fell in love with the model series the first time when I got it for myself back in March 2009. I gave it to my sister after my vacation though so I was left with no camera for... almost 3 years. I just kept on borrowing my sister's point and shoot which gave out too and Ron's DSLR which always makes my purse feel so heavy.

So what Ron got me was the most recent model - a few models higher than the one I've been eyeing on at Best Buy and Target. I'm so excited to go on vacations and parties to use this camera! I'm not going for artsy shots with this, I'm gonna go for the funny moments that shall live on... if you know what I mean [hint: drunk people]. ;)

Well I shall not forget to mention that the boyf also got me a box of... wait for it... Ferrero Rocher! I don't know how I'm going to preserve the message he wrote on it but I'm sure going to keep that box and make the chocolates last for months!

Did Santa stop by your place as well?


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