Green Banana Leaf

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From Top to Bottom: Bicol Express, Bagoong Fried Rice, Buko Pandan

Note: I've linked the name of the food for those who are not familiar with Filipino Cuisine.
Last weekend, Ron and I tested the authenticity of the Filipino restaurant (in Chino Hills, CA), Green Banana Leaf. The portions were consistent with other Pinoy restaurants, big enough for a family of 5 or even 6. We ordered Bicol Express, Bagoong Fried Rice and Buko Pandan for dessert.

The Bicol Express did not have enough coconut milk and spiciness to my liking and was a little too salty to be paired with the Bagoong Rice. But then again, these 2 were my favorites so I still did it, making my meal more than bloating. Hahaha! Don't get me wrong, they were great but maybe next time, I'll have Bicol Express with white rice and have the Bagoong Rice with something fried or grilled like Lechon Kawali or Liempo.

Ron commented on the ambiance of the place, saying that he likes it. It was just too bad that it's a little farther than our regular commute for something we crave for.

Our dessert, Buko Pandan was not very amazing but they dolloped a huge scoop of ice cream on top of it which made the flavor all good. 

Over all, I'd say it was a great experience, far from disappointing at all. :)


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