Valentine's Weekend + Addictions

Valentine's Weekend
I am currently amazed by the hype being brought by this "Hallmark Holiday" and fortunately, I'm one of the people who has someone to take out or take me out... either is fine, we try to keep our relationship balanced. ;)

Last Saturday, our friends invited us to dinner at this Brazilian place I could not pronounce. Ron initially said yes but after we both learned that it would cost $60 per person (while we were getting haircuts) and it was a buffet, I had to tell Ron to back out for us. We ended up eating dinner at this Korean chicken place, KyoChon (I heard it's like BonChon), we watched The Vow and had Thai Iced Tea afterwards. We met up with our friends afterwards to have drinks and only 5 of us showed up. Half of the people who went to the buffet backed out! Anyway, we went home at 5am after a 6 hour drinking session where I just hung out without drinking (someone's gotta drive us home!). I loved this day. :)
Watching the game before leaving and our snacks before drinking.

 Sunday was another happy day. We went to the mall, to church and this quaint amazing restaurant across the street, The Rustic Spoon. I had to trick Ron to get him to try the place and made him get my favorite. He now wants to eat there every after we go to Church - and of course I cheered upon hearing him say that. :)
My date and my favorite: Warm House Noodle with Steak.

I am currently addicted to...

Get Glue - an app that lets you check in on what you're watching, reading, playing, etc. It gives you special edition stickers which I think is amazing because I love watching so MANY things! I requested my 1st batch of stickers - you can only order once every month.
Learn more about GetGlue HERE.
My Pressure Cooker - Ron got me one for Valentine's day. I love him and how he knows what else I would love.
Sunbeam 6Qt Pressure Cooker
Shopping - AGAIN.  I cannot stop raiding the sale racks for end of season sales! I just need want more clothes, that's all ;)
Clockwise from Top Left: Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange, ClikB, Zara.

Working out - I got a stepper and it comes with a DVD! I'm excited to do this everyday. They say it takes 2 weeks for something to become a habit and I'm going to make sure this becomes a habit. I REALLY need want to lose 10 pounds.
Got this from Amazon.


  1. I'm so addicted to GetGlue, too!! I hope they also ship the stickers here in the Philippines when I get 20. :D

    1. So I did some research, they deliver there!!! Check Ava_Jean;'s reply :)

  2. I havent visited your blog for a while. ngayon ko lang nga nakita ang instagram sa taas! and i like it--the photos!

    huhuhu, 5 times na ako nag order ng GetGlue stickers, i have never gotten them :( My sister Alex is luckier cause she always gets her delivered.

    1. Ate Kath! Thank you sa pagvisit :) Try mo magemail sa customer service nila, usually yung small companies mabilis magreply e... Or pwede rin sa Facebook page nila, basta nice ka usually sumasagot sila e :) ---