Yummy in the Tummy

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If last week I had an unstoppable urge to shop, this weekend, a long weekend, instead of shopping, I could not stop eating!

Friday - for lunch, we had Panera catered in the office, we had 3 kinds of salads which was pretty healthy but then again, I love dressing AND there was mac and cheese as a side. I LOVE mac and cheese so I had 2 helpings! For dinner, the family headed to Rustic Spoon for Mommy's birthday dinner - of course, I ordered Warm House Noodle with Medium Steak.

Saturday - we went to the LA Fashion District to eat street food. Their hotdogs are AMAZING! Then to Sushi Mac for dinner. Ron and I missed both places!

Sunday - we were supposed to go snowboarding, I woke up at around 545 to take a shower and we left my place at around 630am. When we got to Ron's, we checked the conditions and they were not very great so we got lazy and ate at Denny's for my waffle craving. For our second meal for the day, after church, we ate at this Thai place, Green Mango - House Fried Rice, Drunken Noodle and Seafood Boat.

Monday - I cooked sausages (longganisa) for breakfast and ate it with rice and leftovers from the Thai place. We went to the mall in the afternoon where I had a craving for Cinnabon! They had this new thing called center of the bun (I think) so I tried it - it gave me toothache. Haha!


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