Sick and Random Thoughts

Depending on Alka-Seltzer today!
I went home sick from work today.  An hour after being there and waiting for the authorities to give me the go ahead, I left and was allowed to work from home. So here I am, trying to make up for the time I could have used for a 10 minute break at work.

Today on Twitter...
Follow me on Twitter. I promise to approve and follow back. :)

Fashion Geek left a comment on my blog the other day and this led me to her online shop of vintage clothing. Of course, I already emailed her about stuff I like and I am hoping she would say yes to mailing stuff to the US!

Ever since I saw Jennifer Lopez wear her mustard blazer on American Idol, I have been WANTING one for myself. I heard and saw from a friend that they have mustard blazers at F21 so going there is in my to-do list.

I cannot find the bracelets I used last Saturday. Perhaps I left it at my friend's place?

Spring Fashion is getting into me. Seeing colorful clothes and cute wedges makes me want to buy this... But my mom said it looks too plain.

Speaking of shoes, I signed up for Just Fab today!

I'm excited for the birthday surprise vacation I have for Ron! I'm driving him there blindfolded hoping he could fall asleep despite his excitement. :)

I have decided to start sharing my closet here in my blog... not wearing them though, I feel awkward taking pictures of my outfits :)


  1. Those shoes are adorable! Love them!


    1. Thanks! I really want to get them but I think it's better if I go to the store to check them out. Can't wait to feel better so I can go out and shop!