His Birthday Vacay (iPhone)

Disclaimer: You might get an overload of my boyf's face in this post! ;)

Me: What do you want for your birthday, a gift or a vacation?
Boyf: Both!
Me: Okay then, where do you want to go?
Boyf: Surprise me!

And so the pressure was on. I've always looked at him as someone who loves to travel (he actually filled 3 passports as a kid) and loves discovering new things and be the one to tell people about it. I looked through Groupon Getaways, LivingSocial Escapes and SniqueAway to look for great destinations and I discovered Lake Arrowhead! I booked the hotel and looked for activities there - hiking hit the spot since it was something we both like doing.

Here are some pictures I took with my phone during the trip...

It all started here! My SUPER FAVORITE sarong over his eyes and his earphones did the trick.
He later on admitted that he got a little motion sickness in the middle of the trip.
I was fascinated by this. They were everywhere! It reminded me of the squirrels in
cartoons when we were kids!

Sorry, I didn't take pictures during the actual hike because I was too afraid to drop my phone in the snowy/muddy puddles! I'll share more pictures later though!

Our hike was about to end at this point so I was brave enough to take my phone out.
Walking and walking and walking and walking.
1, 2, 3, JUMP!
I asked him why his arms were like that and he had no clue. ;)
He found a HUGE twig, I asked him to show it to me then played with it.
We spotted a Blue Jay after our hike by the tree next to our car.
It would later jump/fly to a lower branch to give another Blue Jay a peck!
Our room's patio had an amazing view of the Pool area and the lake!
Yay for hotel upgrades! This is why we love checking in on Sundays :)
I went off to dream land with the boyf for 3 hours after taking this photo.
The view from our table at the Thai resto.
I wasn't feeling very well so we decided to stay in. We took a walk around the hotel though!
Lit candles at 12mn for him...
A few seconds later, the smoke detector went off. LOL
Driver, sweet lover! Hahaha!
Driving down the mountain.
Sushi for very late lunch!
He We got a free cheesecake tempura and green tea mochi ice cream
from our favorite Japanese restaurant because it was his birthday!

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  1. Hey!
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, come check it out ;)


  2. Oh how fun-- what a great birthday present and happy bday to your sweetie!
    Thanks so much for the versatile blogger by the way, you are too fantastic & so sweet. I'm working on getting my nominees up, so hopefully in the next few days...in the meantime-- hugs!

    1. No problem! I enjoy reading your blog so much! :)

  3. you just won my $50 shabby apple gift card giveaway! i'm sending you an email now :)


    1. This is so exciting! :D I know you know since I'm sure I said that more than once in my email. Thank you again!

  4. What an awesome birthday! Love all the pIctures. You're adorable. Xo

  5. Love your storytelling.

  6. oh my dear, that such a lovely vacation ! I love your pic with your boy
    envy it so much >.<
    my boy and I have a plan to have trip to Lombok island :D hope we can realize it soon <3


    1. Aww thanks! Get planning - it can get overwhelming but it's always worth it when you get there :)

  7. Aw jan, you are such a sweet girlfriend to have organized and surprised him with this trip! The location looks so beautiful...its still snowy there? You guys make the cutest couple!

  8. Aww u did good girl looks like ya ll had a great time! Funny about the smoke detector going off lol

    1. Oh yeah, I was looking for a cardboard in the room then yelled at the boyf to fan the smoke away from the detector... he did it with a pillow. Hahahaha

  9. what a great girlfriend you are! and don't you love the getaway deals for last minute where do you want to go questions? lake arrowhead is beautiful

  10. dang look at that delish food!!!


    1. :D It definitely takes courage to try something new every time but it's so rewarding when you score! :D

  11. Omg, so lovely trip! Good food and company:)

    - Alice


    1. Yes, it was lovely and the company? He's perfect ;)

  12. Aw, loved that you surprised him! Looks like it was a great bday trip!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. Yummy food! I love sushi.



  14. I love the photo of the window!!! So perfect and beautiful. Looks like you guys had a great time :)