A Taste of the Past

A Friday out with my friends was just what I needed to temporarily forget about our apartment hunting troubles...it was like a little window to my past life when I would work hard and really party harder. It was also my first time to wear faux leather shorts ;)

Top: Fashion Q
Bandeau and Shorts: Forever21 (not my size but I HAD to get it)
Shoes: Just Fab
Clutch: Steve Madden

Saturday was another story, we were 40 minutes late to our 9am appointment. I used the QUICKEST way to get dressed - I wore a dress. The yellow one which is now my new favorite. Unbutton, unzip, slide in, zip, button. Done. We went home for a nap after that and then drove to a friend's house to have a UFC party.
This was Ron super duper knocked out on my friend's couch while I
was chatting two of our bestest guy pals at 3am.

Anywaaaay,  the boyfriend and I just got approved for the condo we waaaant! I'm ecstatic! Again, thanks for the tips everyone! Alright, time to look for closet organizers! :)

The winner for the $20 SkincareRx, Apothica or SkinBotanica Gift Card Giveaway is Jill. Congrats girl :)


  1. ooh congrats on getting approved for your new condo!

  2. aww Congrats! :)) sweet ^^)

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  3. I think I just need to say... ADORABLE.

  4. Love your blog :)
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    Thank you! Have a great day ahead.

  5. Congratulations!! How exciting {except for the having to pack bit...}-- when do you get to move in?

  6. Well first time dont matter dear. Because you rocked the crap out of those shorts. They are awesome!

  7. that is so exciting! congratulations!


  8. awww you and your bf look adorable together. And congratulations on getting approved on the condo!

    ♥ laura
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    the shop of worldly delights

  9. is that a yellow top or a dress? its gorgeous!


  10. Love the shorts!! Seems as though not worrying and getting out to release the frustration ended up bringing you closer to your dream condo! Yay for alcohol!!!

  11. You work those leather shorts girl! Very cute! Congrats, I know that had to be stressful.


  12. Looking good in those shorts, girl!!