TV in the Bedroom: Yay or Nay?

Hi all! I'm back and connected again! I'm at work though ;) My first ever drive to work was quick, 35 minutes. Left 25 minutes later than I planned because someone *looks at boyfriend* won't let me go.

The move is insane. We had to unpack and pack again. A pipe burst the afternoon we were getting our keys so we postponed it. Got our keys Saturday and moved our stuff Saturday and Sunday. Monday night, I noticed that the carpet in three quarters of the master bedroom was kind of wet so I texted our broker at 1am. Tuesday, we received the news that we need to be out of the house while they fix it because the house is going to be REALLY hot. So here's what our place looks like right now...

So the boyfriend is back to our friends' house and I will be staying with my mom and sister. Despite the hassle and stress, we're laughing this off and are hoping for the best...and a new TV. I think I'm going to give in to having a TV in our bedroom. A 32" one. But this picture scares me...
What do you think?


  1. i thought that graphic at the end was pretty funny ... ive always had a tv in the bedroom and when we moved into our new house last year, i thought about going for a change and leaving the tv out. yeah, that didnt happen.

    what happens with my husband and i isnt so much what shows in that picture. we rarely watch tv in the bedroom - we actually use it to fall asleep to!

    if its not the tv thats gonna disconnect you from each other, its cell phones or in our case - his and her ipads!

  2. Hi dear, sorry to hear about the moving drama, hope it all gets fixed soon. I am actually for a TV in the bedroom, especially for lazy sunday mornings!

  3. I had this same dilemma! BUT then realized that it was useful to have the TV in our room for when Sportscenter or somethign I dont want to watch is magically stuck on the living room tv. Then I just go on upstairs, snuggle in, and watch what I want.

  4. We have a tv in our room, and it does NOT make us like that. Haha. In those situations- it's not the tv that's the problem, it's the relationship. Yeah, sometimes he watches something, while I'm blogging, but we will still be cuddling or have our feet intertwined. More importantly...when it's "us" time, we switch the channel to mood music ;)

  5. Oh man, moving sucks! It'll be worth it in a few weeks when you are all settled though--
    We have a TV in our room, but we rarely watch it {mostly just to fall asleep to, or if I am ironing :}. I don't think it would be a problem for you guys!

  6. Dont do it - bedrooms are for relaxing and loving. The living room is for lounging and tv!

  7. AH moving can be so stressful! But I guess it makes for good memories, right?

    I just found your blog, and it's so cute. I'm excited to be your newest follower!


  8. So sorry about your luck! We planned to put a TV in our room, and did, but have completely neglected to hooking it up. Since we've moved in, we haven't used it, we usually read before bed. I think there are ups and downs to both. Sometimes TV can be relaxing before you fall asleep, if you get one, I'd just talk about it and make sure you guys won't cheat on each other with the TV haha.

  9. oh no! hope everything gets fixed quickly. I'm not a big TV person at all, so my vote is a no. I love talking to my boyfriend right before we fall asleep and I feel like the TV and I would be competing for his attention. haha.