It's Over

Sooo if you have not noticed yet, I've been slacking on blogging. On the other hand, I'd like to look it at it more like a make me feel better about not responding to emails. Gah. Cold weather makes me lazy.

My 5-day weekend break is over. I think it was enough but of course, it's human instict to ask for more. I was literally saying "I don't want to" everytime my alarm woke up from snoozing this morning. Oh wells, life if good and I thank God for another day to spend with people I love.

It's been a week since Ron proposed but I'm still in awe. It suddenly felt like our life was actually on track. LOL No more asking Ron if our presents should come from just me or the both of us this year! Everything's from Ron and Jan this year, regardless of who bought it. I also got done with our "love story" video. Yay! I'll share that very soon :)

Saturday was pretty random. Ron went to the gym and I... I played Just Dance 4 by myself for that day's workout. I also had a craving for frozen yogurt so we went to Yogurtland.

Sunday as another trip to the mall because Ron had to get some stuff. I have no idea what because he kept on making me just walk around the mall alone.
I was alone so I tried on stuff at J Crew.
Scarf: Forever21
Sweater: H&M
Leggings: Cotton On
Boots: Mom's Closet Studio Pollini
Bag: Steve Madden
At Victoria Gardens for the Magic Snow.
At It's Sugar.
Made Ron pose by Santa's Cottage.

A gummy cola, gummy bull frog and a few sour strips later, we went home and had Nilagang Baka (Beef Stew with Clear Broth) for dinner.
Yes, that's bone marrow. It's pretty good but VERY high in cholesterol.
 How was your weekend?


  1. Awww cute photos!! Looked like a great holiday break for you! Ooo I never tried bone marrow before.. I'm curious on how it taste. I heard its delicious! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. Gaaahhh bone marrow! Tastes so goood but so bad for the health.

  3. Super cute photos! I love your outfit with the knit scarf!

  4. Love your pics and your blog is very nice =) I am a new follower ! <3

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  5. I haven't been on blogger for awhile either, but a CONGRATS is definitely in order!!! So happy for you!

  6. These are such lovely images, you look so pretty and the tree is amazing! Again... I am So happy for you about the proposal, its so exciting!

  7. These photos are lovely. You both look great together :)I never tried this bone marrow, it looks tasty :)


  8. Aww sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :) Rocking a nice ring!