Hi 2013, I'm Jan.

Now here is my dream outfit if I was one who prefers to be out somewhere partying for New Years Eve :)

New Year

As much as I want to do a 12 Best Moments post or a 12 Life Lessons from 2012, I am just too excited to see January again. I'm not a fan of "I can't wait for [insert month or year or day]" for new beginnings because, realistically, any day can be a new beginning. I am also not a huge fan of New Year's Eve. I'm like the Grinch of celebrating the new year. I just never liked it since I was a kid because back in the Philippines, they blast the hell out of fireworks. I think it's irrational and impractical to have fireworks to make noise (and pollute the air) to drive the bad spirits away. But tradition is tradition and culture is culture, so when I was a kid, I would jump with my cousins because that helps to make you taller. I stopped jumping when I was almost as tall as my mom - I think I was 11. There was also this one year when my sister got burnt by one of the fireworks. I felt really bad for her because it was really unfortunate that of all the roman candles that can malfunction, hers did. :(

Despite all the hate I have (LOL), I just wanted to say hi to 2013 and welcome to my life. I'm looking forward to see January in my phone and office calendar again and go through all your months and have another birthday and another Christmas! Woohoo! 2012 was a really good year so I'm looking forward to having more memories to make with Ron, my family and my friends this coming year :)


  1. So sparkly and so pretty.

    Happy 2013! May you be blessed with everything you wish for.

  2. Such a pretty dress!! :)

    Happy New Years!

    xo - Sheila

  3. This dress is to die for!!!!lovvveededd it!

  4. That dress is gorgeous and has my name on it. Lurv! Wishing you a very Happy 2013! May it bring you everything you hope for...and more. It was a pleasure getting to know you this past year!

  5. Happy New Year, hope all your best wishes come true in the year of 2013! <3

    Glam Mania

  6. Happy New Year!!! I love the outfit inspo!