Facepalm + Giveaway


It's been pretty chilly here in LA or as one of my friends and I call it, "nippy." Hahaha! Anyway, I almost forgot about these photos. These were taken back in October when I can still wear pretty light clothes. I am in love with these shoes by the way. I don't wear them often because honestly, sometimes every time I take them out, I don't know what I'm doing when I'm planning an outfit to go with them. *facepalm* I kind of need help in this department.

Last night, Ron returned the fancy camera flash he got a couple of weeks ago. He also made sure that I didn't care. I honestly did not care about it since I have not been into taking pictures (and outfits) lately. Anyway, while he was on my phone (I don't know why but one of our friends like calling him through my phone), I heard him say, "Yeah, I returned the camera flash so I can buy stuff for my mountain bike *giggles like a school girl*." I butted in in a very soft voice, "So that's why..."*facepalm* Oh my, oh my, I love this silly guy.

I'm hosting a giveaway on Party of One! :)


  1. i am obsessed with the outfit photos at the top! cutest!!!!

  2. Love those shoes!
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  3. i love those shoes! & they go really nice with that outfit!

  4. I like the pink pom pom hat! Warm and cute!

    Ali of:


  5. I LOVE your style.


  6. This shoes are very stylish.;)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  7. Love love love those oxfords! :D
    And you're flying to the Philippines? Lucky girl, I want to go back! Haha

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