Focus On the Good

I was in a rut yesterday like my motto was: THINK NEGATIVE. Despite the cute outfit I was wearing, I had that negative vibe going on the whole day but as soon I got home, everything changed. There is just something about being in our home and the though of sharing a place with someone so dear to you that puts things in a different perspective. It made me feel loved, lucky and extremely grateful.
Today is better. I've mailed out my change name form and I cannot wait for that to get done so I can get a new ID card from DMV and get my life going as Mrs. Delos Santos.

I've been frequenting Tumblr as of recent to read Fitblrs (Tumblrs about getting fit) and motivate myself to work out and become a stronger and healthier version of myself. I've been counting calories and so far, I've been doing pretty damn good. I've been working out six days a week and been making good food choices (except yesterday when I gave in to rice crackers). I guess having a husband who can do diamond push-ups is a factor in this. My strong husband deserves a strong wife ;)
I'm not even kidding, I was so proud of him when he showed me how to do them push-ups.


  1. I needed to read this post today! I've been in a rut. Thanks for getting me out of it!

  2. You look super duper cute sweetie ,

    check out my latest post

  3. so glad i stumbled across your blog!

    new follower :)

  4. Hi Jan, I think we all have days that go like that...its so great that you found the silver lining. You look stunning in your wedding attire!

  5. Sometimes we have a crappy day and its ok to feel a bit sorry for yourself! But as the saying goes there are always those worse off than you, watching the news usually puts things into perspective for me seeing all the goings on in the world that usually puts me back in my place! Hope your weekend gets happier and brighter x

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  7. Glad your home brings you so much joy, I hate those days where things just don't seem to be going right. And yay for fitness!