Mid Day Walk


Walking in these boots is not the smartest idea I had that day.
This tree reminds me of the 80s. You know, THIS look.
Mama desert plant and baby desert plant.
At my job, we get to take two 10-minute breaks and an hour lunch. During my lunch, when I eat fast, I usually go for a walk with a coworker to make ourselves feel better about eating slip in some extra workout during the day. We've I've been lazy lately though. LOL


  1. That tree and 80s hair photo made me giggle. Your shoes are cute! I get an hour break also but since it's nighttime I can't walk outside, so I usually read a book. That makes me feel better if I spend an hour at home on Pinterest or in front of the TV!

  2. Cute blog!

    Your latest follower :)


  3. Cute photos. The ground on first pic reminded me of rye bread actually ! :D
    Your breaks sound great. We have 45 min lunch break, but don't get paid for the 0,5 hour of it.

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