Why I Love My Husband...

Two days late? No not really, I just wanted to post it on our second month as a married couple. ;)

Well, I got this idea from Laura of Mouse in the Kitchen and thought, heeey, this is a good idea since Ron and I are still getting to know each other's quirks and stuff. So here are ten reasons...
1. He let's me be me. I am a pretty moody person. A single misplaced thing in the kitchen that I cannot find can (and will) frustrate me. And when I ask him to back off, he does and he does not force me to be all happy and cheery again.
2. He accepts my laziness and sometimes gives in to it. I am a HUGE lazy person. I can stay in the couch all day and watch TV or do marathons (thanks, Netflix). I don't think he's ever done that by himself and I on the other hand am an expert at it. There was this one weekend that we did this for the first time and as soon as he noticed that it was already dark out, he just said: Love, we haven't moved! I just smiled, gave him a kiss. Welcome to my world, love. ;)
3. He let's me be in charge. Although sometimes it bugs me, I kind of like it.
4. He dances with me. Sometimes, I prefer playing music than turning the TV on and often times, when Ron gets up in the morning and finds me in the kitchen, I will be having my own concert in the kitchen while preparing breakfast (or lunch). Then he will give me a kiss and will dance with me. It's fun, try it. ;)
5. He loves to shop. Enough said.
6. He eats whatever I cook. I love that. Even the most disastrous things I make, he tastes eats. Even if I don't taste them because I'm counting calories. LOL
7. When I randomly yell out, "IT'S SO COLD!" He asks me if I want to turn on the heater right away. Even if he's in the middle of something.
8. He let's me make fun of him and tickle wrestle with him. He does not always fight back because I bite, run and/or pinch him.
9. He takes me to his basketball games. I'm supportive and he just wants me there I guess.
10. He doesn't mind watching the Kardashians and Carrie Diaries with me. Hahaha! The girl from Carrie Diaries is so pretty. We spent the third episode figuring out what makes her face super cute - it's her eyes, hair and eyelashes.

Now tell me, what's your favorite thing about your other half?


  1. My fiancee loves to shop too! We are so lucky!



  2. Such a sweet post Jan! you guys make such a cute couple :)

    Sita xx

  3. Happy 2 month anniversary! My husband eats most of what I cook too, thankfully, and he's always so nice when I try new things, even if they don't turn out the best!

  4. What a cute picture! I love that short wedding dress. <3 I guess my fave thing about my hubby is that he "gets" my weird sense of humor, so I have someone to share all of my inside jokes with!

  5. awwwww happy two months to you both! And this is an adorable idea!
    ♥ laura
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    the shop of worldly delights

  6. how sweet! Nice post! And you look great together! :)


  7. such a cute list! i love your photo too. my fav thing about my man is how silly we can be with eachother!

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN
    stop by the shop MOCCASIN RUN

  8. You guys are so cute!
    After almost 7 years of marriage, I can say that we still laugh all the time. There's a lot I love about my husband and there's a lot that annoys me about him. But at the end of the day, I know we are best friends and we complete each other. Best wishes to you two! :)