Candy Season


Halloween. Christmas. Valentine's. Easter.

The Candy Season is almost over. I will miss it but I will not miss the terrible feeling of fighting the craving off. I must say though. this is the first year I got obsessed with Robin Eggs. I mean, how can you not like them?!

It's the fifth year in a row that I am not taking Good Friday off. My grandparents would be disappointed if they find out but then again, duty calls. Ron has Friday off and to be honest with you, I am jealous. I wish I could stay at home and spend time with him. Anyway, do you guys have any fun plans for Easter?


  1. yum! i'm planning to make a raw cheesecake :)

  2. I try my HARDEST to stay away from candy at all, because once I have one, I want them all! I have Friday off but Rob has Monday off... bah humbug. Lol

  3. no easter plans here. I actually thought Easter was in April, and it's unseasonably early this year!
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  4. we don't have any easter plans yet.
    but i want that candy!


  5. Ahh candy...sigh....haha!!!

    My sister in law is coming to visit for Easter, really excited about that!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  6. I am obsessed with Reeses peanut butter eggs. They are so delicious.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. i haven't try the robin eggs.. i must try that! <3