Happies and Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I'm linking up with The Vintage Modern Wife today for Happies and Crappies! This was such a quiet and week with tidbits of randomness.

My eczema is gone. Well, I'm not really sure but it feels like or looks like eczema if I based it on  the symptoms I read online. I applied Cortizone at least 5 times and it was gone! I should have gotten the ointment back in Fall when I had the dry skin flair up. Oh me. #SMH

60 Days. I've been working out for more than 60 days. I love this lifestyle change I willingly gotten into. I will definitely make walking in swimsuits my thing this summer. :)

Ron and I saw my mom and one of our best friends.

It rained this week. Rain makes me happy.

I did more than a couple walk breaks during the week. A new goal of mine is to walk for at least 20 minutes at least once a day.

Ron took me shopping on a random day where I got three dresses and a couple of accessories! Weeee!

I overate a this week.

My days were too caffeine driven. I almost fell asleep behind the wheel. It was pretty scary. I will not drive sleepy EVER AGAIN.

Actually, this seems like a pretty awesome week! ;)


  1. What a wonderfull pics and looK!!
    Do you want to follow eachother?
    I wait for you everydaay for a new interesting post!

    Federica smartchicdietreadbooksandfly.blogspot.it

  2. I have exzema on my hands as well, and it is super annoying and super itchy, but I found those DoTerra oils work amazingly to help heal them...oy I know what you mean about dry skin...so annoying.


  3. Don't fall asleep driving!! :O That is so scary. Had it happen to me a few times.

  4. Hi jan, I really like this idea for a post, a great way to evaluate the week, I love rainy days too, so good to see more happies than crappies.

  5. Thanks for following, following you back! I haven't had a problem with eczema in years but this year I got it really bad and nothing worked! I tried tanning bed and it worked! Weird, huh!

  6. Hi jan!
    I am inspired by this post of yours. haha. I love it and I might reserve an entry similar to this one.
    I love your blog!

  7. Hi there!! Loved this post! So happy you are exercising and loving it!!! I have to force myself to be active, its hard to take that step sometimes, but once you do it, it's so worth it!!!

    your mom is so beautiful!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam