Let's Get Physical!

Since I am still raving about my lifestyle change, I'm linking up today with Let's Get Physical!

-I am at my weakest in this certain time of the month when I'm craving everything. One minute I want the saltiest snack, the next minute, I want a whole chocolate bar. #bipolar
-I have been lazy in doing my full workout. I make it a point that I work my abs out all the time though!
-My back and chest muscles are weak. I have yet to do 15 [manly] push-ups in a row.
-I have not worked out as much as I used to. I've only been doing 1-2 full workouts a week. And very little workout on other days.

-I LOVE chocolate. To me, a day without chocolate is a day gone to waste.
-I do not like jumping jacks very much.
-I doze off easily. 

-Lose 5 more pounds. They say the last five is the hardest to lose so I'm going to try hard to satisfy my cravings by eating fruits and refraining from snacking.
-Continue to make better choices. Ya know, like choosing veggie burger over a real hamburger.
-Eat out less.
-Be more active and keep on pushing the husband to try new activities together - these are what I have in mind - hiking, walk around our neighborhood, bike [this is actually something Ron wants to do].
-Do 20 straight regular push-ups
-Get back to doing my 6 full work outs every week.

Care to share your tips on staying fit? :)

Simply Evani


  1. I think you look so good! MY tips...I actually really love the one about not eating after 7pm. Except sometimes I change that to 8pm. I saw a major transformation there!

  2. Great goals girlfriend! I like the idea of pushing Ron out to do it with you, I think that's something I should do with Rob too. I'm a big chocolate fan too, I try to make concessions like I can only have dark chocolate which is better for us anyways! I definitely have a similar problem around a certain time of month but hey, I say that's a perfect time to give us a break, it is hormones after all. Thank you for linking up, so happy to have you!

  3. Awesome goals! I'm with you on chocolate, I usually have a piece a day. I love that you're going to try couples activities, I love working out or going on a hike with my husband. Good luck!

  4. i totally get the salty-sweet thing! that's why ice cream and fries from mcdonalds go together so well :)


  5. you look great! i just joined 24 hour fitness and it was so hard to get myself in the gym, but im so motivated to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle, including working out. you're a motivation!


  6. Skip the veggie burger if you're eating out! If they have a turkey burger, go for that.

  7. You are not alone we are all a sucker for a chocolate bar at that time of the month! Cute bathers they look fantastic on you :D

  8. lol, Rob is pushing ME to work out. He's making me bring my running shoes to EUROPE so we can run in the morning. I'm like, "YOU CRAY" but I am bringing it with me...

    Gurl we need to live closer! haha

  9. Great goals. I've got a big love for chocolate too and most other sweet treats. Good luck!

  10. i am on a crazy workout kick too! i should post my goals sometime too so you all can help keep me accountable!!

    Sandy a la Mode