Still Nothing Or Maybe Not

No, still nothing worth blogging. Or maybe I'm not an over a sharer this week. No, I think it's because this week has not been that interesting or I have little (to no) interest in life. Oh sorry, was I being too negative? Wait yes, there is something interesting. [Hi, welcome to my thought process.]
We picked up the in-laws last night, they will be staying with us all weekend and I'm stuck between "excited" and nervous. Excited because well, we have guests and we have not seen them in months! Dad in a couple of months and Mom for 2 years - that's quite some time right? Ron's little nephew is with us too so this should be exciting having a kid around. Nervous because, well, they are my in-laws and I think I've watched too many family movies but they are nothing but sweet, happy people so I actually do not know why I'm nervous.

We do not have any plans this weekend except for going to the night market tonight. Welcome to our world, my dear in-laws. Care to have a glass of wine tonight?

Oh and my mom, [you know, her], is going to be taking over my blog next week ;)


  1. Now i'm starting to get nervous too...miss yah! <3

  2. love that sign! have fun with your in-laws visiting, i'm sure they adore you & it will be great! XO

  3. Have fun with you family, it'll be fun to have a kid around!