Dress Weather

Left: Dress: Fashion District. Jacket: Forever21. Shoes: do I really have to tell you? ;)
Right: Dress: Aeropostale. Jacket and Sandals: Forever21. Purse: H&M.

I'm SO ready to wear my dresses. The weather in LA is too weird sometimes too - too cold for dresses but too warm for boots. I don't exactly love summer because it's too hot for me, I just want the winter to spring transition to last as long as it could. If the 70-degree weather can stay, that would be really awesome.


  1. Miami is about the same! We had an odd Winter to Spring situation. But even this morning was a bit cooler than usual. Loved the cooler weather too!
    Love your dresses! I can't wait to wear some of mine too!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  2. mmmm 85 degrees.
    well, with my ping pong weight, i can not wait to wear dresses (maxis for me) or flowy skirts! the weather needs to get herself together!

  3. Jan!! So pretty! Gusto ko din ng mga dress. Pag bumisita ako dyan, let's shop for dresses ha? Yeyy!!

    Sending my love from Pinas

  4. Ahhh I haven't had a chance to see your hair, it looks awesome on you!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam