It's Okay Thursday: Strange Month [so far]

Its Ok Thursdays
So the past few weeks have been weird. They're not super strange but things that usually don't happen [well...] happened. Aside from thinking that finding a crack on my phone case, texting a picture of my ankles to friends and sisters, finally being able to convince my sister to stop by our house (my baking worked! LOL) and the battery of the DSLR not lasting 3 weeks are okay...

It's okay to...

-Have a swollen right ankle because of driving on LA's surface streets. I actually have tendonitis. 4 miles in 40 mintes. It's better now though but still, #NotFunny.

-Buy random stuff for your house like you just moved to a new place. Sheer curtains, a pair of red pillow cases, a tray for our ottoman, and foldable beach chairs [only $6.88 at the Home Depot, go buy now]. A grill...which leads me to the next one...

-Willingly drive a truck because you do not own one and you have no way to take it home. LOL Oh and yes, I was able to do it despite my tendonitis. ;)

-Let Ron watch The Craziest Videos' videos on their Facebook page using MY iphone for an entire night.

-Wake up weighing 124.2lbs on 4/5. And because that's the lightest you have been in years, you decide to eat at the Indian buffet next to the office for lunch that day and have all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue on Saturday. Yep, 125lbs is the goal. ;)

-Finally make Banana Muffins with Dark Chocolate morsels after months of saying you'll do it. Better late than never.

-Park right in front of Party City where you're going to buy something for an important party but walk around the plaza first and stop by Bed Bath and Beyond Marshalls. Then walk back to Party City and find out they close at 8:30pm. It's 8:40pm. #Fail LOL

-Wake up at 4:30 to work a bit (uhm, clients in the east coast), get ready for work, and right when you get in your car, you need to answer emails and it gets to a point where it's too late for you to leave and get to work on time so you stay at home and work and then leave when things calm down.
It was actually a good change in my routine except for the part where I woke up Ron while resetting the router and he thought I was a burglar. Sorry [again], love!

-Get to work late and have your heart pumping fast and your hands shaking because of the coffee you just had.

How is April going for you?


  1. Haha that's funny about Party City! And those muffins look amazing!

  2. Haha, your poor husband! I woke mine up with the fire alarm once while I was making biscuits and he thought someone had broken in. Oops.

  3. I love getting tons of new stuff for my place - I really new chairs too I hope you share pictures! Definitely following you back, thanks for stopping by xo

  4. that food looks amazinggg

    much love from NYC

  5. That grilled meal looks delicious!! although.. I tried really hard to make out what the white stuff on the plate is? It looked like fried oysters to me, but It's probably some sort of bread-ish thing? :) Those muffins look delicious too!!! Congrats on the weight goal!! Proud of you!


  6. I love these posts! I need to try to do one again next week. You make me want to bake right now!! Have a good weekend! Stacie xo