Today is His Birthday!

I had a pretty stressful week last week. Despite all the positive thinking I did, at the end of the day, I can't get past my eye bags, the stress tears, my swollen ankles, Kobe Bryant's season-ending injury, and everything else I had to do to make Ron's birthday a success.

Thanks to my in-laws and my mom, they made everything bearable. I woke up on Saturday morning with everything already clean and ready. They love cleaning and doing things for their kids so Ron and I are so lucky. Ron’s mom was already cooking and his dad already cleaned the patio and set up the chairs and the table. We picked up my mom from the train station (my mom and I have a thing for the subway and trains) in the morning and they all had breakfast while I was making the frosting for Ron’s birthday cupcakes. A couple of hours later, we started getting all dressed and waited for the guests.

We planned the party to start at noon so we can start early and the kids can run around and courtyard during the noisy hours. LOL HOA rules say that we can’t be loud from 10pm to 8am. Long story short, the party had a great turn out. The food was wiped out. I mean seriously you guys, we did not have left overs…only secret stashes. LOL I hid some spicy eggplant to make sure that I have something to devour the day after.

13 hours after the party started, we were done. Ron’s so thankful to everyone who came, he kept telling me that. He was also excited that a lot of his friends came. We have friends all over the place – our Valley friends, Fontana friends and our new friends from Ron’s new basketball league...I think we should call them Pasadena Friends. Ron had a really great time and did not get shit-faced. Although he was excessively repetitive, I thought he was funny.

Anyway, my man's actual birthday is today and I wanted to wish this guy a very happy birthday. I am happy to be able to spend another year of his life with him and continue to feel lucky every day that I wake up next to him. We don't have any plans for tomorrow yet but he wants me to take him out on a date. ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to your man! You look awesome together :D

  2. Happy Birthday, Son-in-Law! Have a lovely day, both of you! <3

  3. Aww you are sweet, happy birthday to your husband!