A Problem You Would Like to Have

Last night, I tweeted about going to Ross and not finding anything that fit me well. I got a bunch of really cute and inexpensive small and medium dresses but everything I got were ill-fitting. Oh and the really cute medium dresses were not available in small, or at least I could not find them. I told my mom about my frustration because the dresses were really cute and she told me that I am now in-between sizes. Oh well, that's my most shallow frustration this week.

The good thing about this is, I will minimize buying things online impulsively. I mean, I can stare at the dresses all day and keep adding items in my cart but I know I will just keep on wondering if the clothes will fit my rib cage. Haha! I swear you guys, my rib cage is huge – I'm a big girl in the first place. I'm planning on going to the San Pedro Wholesale Mart early next month. That should be fun. :)
Images via SanPedroMart.com
I looked at the new stores there and found the brand LUSH. I've seen their clothes at many stores at the mall and I can't wait to see their stuff. I checked out their S/S 2013 lookbook and I'm obsessing over these dress and the shorts!


  1. Once in a while, I have the same problem at Ross, but most of the time, I walk away with a handful.

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  2. STOP IT! you are far from "a big girl"!!
    But i know what you mean, i often find beautiful dresses at ross but they are always too small. I also agree on the new Lush collection, its beautiful, want those shorts!

  3. Great post love :)

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  5. My problem would be finding dresses that are long enough--all the cutest dresses at Ross barely cover my butt because I'm so tall! Gulp!

  6. Oh man, these are such cute items! Love the tank top best

    Trendy Teal

  7. aw I love it!!! nice blog, followed! <33

  8. LOVE these picks! Soooo many amazing pieces! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls