Going For a Good Hike

It's Friday and I'm feeling like the bunny below despite knowing that I'll be going home to an empty home. The husband is going to Vegas without me. :( Okay I'm being dramatic, I'm picking up my mom so we can spend more time together and of course so I have someone to be with at home. Don't worry, my mom knows that that's the reason. Hahaha!


Back to my point, my coworker, a good listener and also a Gemini, invited me to go hiking. I said a good listener because she remembered that I mentioned I want to go hiking on a Friday afternoon while it's not yet too hot. I have not been working out so I'm already sure my ass is going to get kicked.

On another note, Ron took me out for dinner last night because we won't see each other until Sunday. We went to the Boiling Crab where the wait was over an hour (we will never go back on a Thursday again). We killed time by walking around the Ross next door where I tried on a lot of dresses and ended up buying nothing. #StoryOfMyLife

My hair in the last photo cracks me up! Hahaha!


  1. lol Ross trips never fail.
    I want to go hikinggggg.

  2. Are you kidding me with that bunny???:D That's priceless!!!:D

    A weekend with mom doesn't sound bad at all. Although a weekend in Vegas... That sounds a-lot-of-adjectives.:D

    That last maxi dress is really gorgeous!

  3. Such cute dresses, and they look great on you. I especially love the one on the top row, right. How did you resist? ;)


  4. I like that!
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    With love Agne xoxo