Gotta Love One Strap Sandals!

Target is most dangerous when you go there without a list. Well I actually did have a list but you know how it goes! I went to Target to buy my friend the sandals she really likes that's already out of stock at their store. I found it and found another pair for myself. ;)

When I was paying for them, the sandals rung up for $15 each and with my red card, I only had to pay $15.53 total (yes, our sales tax is now 9%).  STEAL! :)

Look! I'm wearing them today!

Top: FashionQ. Jeans: Forever21. Purse: H&M. Lunchbag: Starbucks (Hahaha!). Sandals: [well] Target.

If you have been putting off getting a red card, I would suggest to get one before stocking up on your summer essentials! All you need to do is bring a blank check for the account your debit card is connected to and when you're ready to pay, tell the red shirt guy/girl that you want to get a red card and hand your debit card and blank check. The reason they're giving you 5% off is because when you use your debit card, they need to pay a fee and when you use your store card aka red card, they don't have to pay the fee and so they just give you back that money instantly!


  1. <3 the orange & green combination!

  2. Target is evil! I avoid going in there because I can't walk out without 10 new, fun things. Those sandals are so cute, I know I'd probably walk out with those too!

  3. you got that for a good price! cute sandals :D


  4. Yay for Target sandals. I also have the sparkly ones that everyone has and love them. Your choices are way cute :)

  5. SO cute! I already have the sparkly ones and the green strap ones, but these are too cute to pass up. I might just have to go pick them up too. Ugh, Target, you are an addiction.

    xo Ashley

  6. oh lawd. that means i need to get a red debit card. i have their visa card but i stored that shiz FAR FAR AWAAAAY aka I maxed out. hahahaha

  7. Your sandals are lovely! :)


  8. oooh, those tribal print ones are so cute!! I need to get to Target :))

  9. OMG I am officially coveting your sandals! TOO CUTE! <3

  10. So cute shoes!:>