Then the Weekend Ended...

I had an awesome time with Mommy this weekend. We went to the Farmer's Market on Friday where we tried this dessert called konafa or kunafa – it's made of shredded phyllo and ricotta cheese based cream. It was amazing. Then on Saturday we went dressed up for my goddaughter's Christening and her birthday, also picked up my mom-in-law so she can join us at the party. Sunday, we had tea and dim sum, shopped then watched the recorded Revenge episodes with her. I had so much fun until I had to drive her home. Boo! Till next time, mom! :)
On other news, can someone please loan me a bucket well of patience? This is the one thing I need today and I need a ton of it. Some stuff during the end of the weekend did not go as planned and I'm pretty upset about it. You know when they say don't get mad, get even? That's exactly what I'm considering right now. Dear Lord, I really need patience today.


  1. looks and sounds like you had a lovely time with your mom!
    ♥ laura
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  2. patience? i lost that a long time ago after working in the ER. hahaha...

    key: BREATHE and think that things will get better :)

  3. Both you and your mom are so beautiful and im loving your shoes! Also if you have a sec id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post

  4. really great pictures, love them!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department