Connecting While Disconnected

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Mango Snow from Tasty To Go. So yummy!
Last Sunday, after doing some labor at home (like putting winter coats from the coat closet to storage, vacuuming around the house, dusting, baking 10 dozens of cookies, trimming the patio plant, giving Fox a bath, and cleaning the fish tank), it was time to walk Fox. Ron and I haven't taken a walk together with the dog in a while (like 2 days LOL) so I was a little excited that I was finally not too lazy to walk. After taking out the trash, we went straight to walking around our neighborhood, with only our house keys and Fox.

It felt good that we were actually talking about anything in our mind and we're not starting conversations with "have yous een so-so's post?" Our conversation was about our future together, how funny our dog is and his pooping patterns (hahaha), which house we'd like to buy from the streets around us if we had the money, how exhausted we are from doing house work...pretty much everything but anything that involves our social media life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every conversation I have with my husband, it just feels more special when cellphones and laptops an tablets are not present. :)

Our company is moving to another office down the street so we're going so today is packing day and eat at your favorite restaurant day. We're also working from home tomorrow (YAY!) so the movers can move everything to the new office. I'm so excited to go to the new place but a little worried about training Fox to get used to the place again. I've already put 10 lbs of paper from my 5 years of working here into the shredder bin and it felt so good!

Five pounds of paper.
Dahliawolf reached out to me the other day and asked me to help them design a dress! I'm so excited!!! :D


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