The 626 Night Market Experience [Food Review]

Yesterday, Ron, his best man (X) and I went to the 626 Night Market to do a little food tripping. There was so much variety at the market, it's insaaaane! Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, Indonesia, Filipino, A LOT. We also took this picture in a photobooth, X makes for a great girl huh? Haha!

I also got a couple of phone cases for myself for super cheap! I'm thinking of going back there today to get more. :p I also wanted to share what I thought about the food we tried. We were very curious about everything and ended up falling in line for a lot of places. Let me just tell you that we were there early and our wait time was not as much as our other friends who we met up with later that evening. They got there around 7-ish, 2 hours after we got there.

Takoyaki from Miniyaki Co
We waited 30 minutes in line to order and waited some more to get our order. It was pretty good, as good as the one we got from the other booth we went to last month. We'll go back to the old booth next month to save us time.

Chicken BBQ
It was good but nothing special. I don't mind having it again.

Father Kernel's Street Cart Corn
This one was good but might be too hot for some people. It doesn't taste as good as the carts you find in the streets of Los Angeles or the LA Fashion District.

Mango Snowy Ice
This was very refreshing and was perfect in cooling ourselves down and trying to make the (unexpected) spiciness from the corn go away. LOL I just wish it had real mangoes in it!

Lobsta Roll from the Lobstatruck
First, sorry for the crappy photo, we were in a rush when we took it. Second, here's my review, I'm not really a fan of lobsters but the garlic butter they use for the [hot dog] bun is damn good. I try not to eat the bread part of everything I order [anywhere] that has bread but I felt different for this one. The lobster lobster. LOL I'm more of a crab fan, to be honest with you.

Vikon Chicken Heart, Gizzard and Butt
This is probably something a "solid Asian" would line up for. With "solid Asian," I am referring to someone who has been born and raised in an Asian country. These things are normal in the Philippines so we don't mind it. About the food, Ron seemed to like the butt and heart. I tried one butt, it was too fatty for me, I felt like my blood pressure shot up. The gizzard was pretty tough to it. Waaaay too chewy. I've had better.

There were other booths at the market but we didn't really have time to go to all of them. I saw accessories, clothes and other novelties but I don't know how much exactly the prices of those things were. I'm pretty sure there were good deals. Next month, we plan on trying the sugar cane drink booth, other food trucks and get more iphone cases. Weeeeeeeeee!


  1. my brother was there. i NEED to go to the next one!

  2. I want to come back so I can go to that. I saw a video of it by JK Films. Everything looked so good and it looked like a lot of fun too. Really I just need to move to California.