Foodie Adventures: Luscious Dumplings

We've been eyeing on this place since it opened and we finally decided to give it a try last Wednesday when we both were starving but were too lazy to prepare something. I was so desperately hungrey so I suggested that we go to our tried and tested Chinese fast food. But on our way there, while Ron and I were in the car, he said, "I just want to try something new." So I made a left at the plaza by the stop light we were at and went to Luscious Dumplings.

We ordered three things: Beef Tendon, Beef Brisket and of course, Juicy Dumplings which they called Pork Dumplings with Soup. Everything we ordered is $6.50 each and the serving of the noodles were very generous! I just wish there was more bokchoy and less noodles in my order. I'll ask next time if they can do that for me.


Just making this official: I have a new dream of becoming a food photographer.


  1. Looks delicious!:>



  2. Yum... can't wait to be back in California and eat all the Asian food I want!!!

  3. You would make a great food photographer, so long as you dont do what I do and eat most of it before remembering to take a photo!

  4. Yum! i haven't had lunch yet and now I'm starving!