Indefinite Vacation?

This week is going to be really busy with all the errands, TV show marathons, baking, kitchen adventures and you know, just relaxing. Am I on vacation? Yep, indefinitely. It's that one thing they refer to as getting laid off.

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I've worked with this company for six years and unfortunately, it's not doing so well. I hope them well though, there are still people working there but I am feeling a little hopeless for the success of the company. Some now fellow ex employees call it the worst job ever but I've had a different experience. That company taught me about the American culture. I got stressed a lot of times but somehow, I always got over things easily.  People have seen me roll my eyes, say "grrr," and just turn off my monitor and walk out for a short walk to cool down but honestly, I think I'm just a really positive person and think it was not that bad. Will I look back to it with bitterness and negativity? Most definitely not. I'll laugh at the bullshit but I'm certainly not mad at anything or anyone at all.

This however opened so many doors for me that I don't know what to do first. The thought that I can do anything I want is overwhelming. I like doing so many things that I'm not sure which one I should start pursuing.

Let me just say I'm so lucky to have a husband who supports me and truly wants me to enjoy this break that I got from being in the workforce and laughs with me when we remember that I'm unemployed. People who are close to me have suggested things that I can do based on what they see I love doing. 

Meanwhile, my sisters have suggested that I play Call of Duty all day. Ron actually supports and he seems to be looking forward to the day when he comes home and he sees me playing the game in the Prestige Status. LOL It's like the highest rank if you have no idea what I'm talking about :)


  1. Bahaha love that quote from New Girl :) Good luck on finding a new job, but until then enjoy your vacation!


  2. Girl I call that Funemployment!!! :) Just stay busy and cuddle lots with Fox!

  3. sorry you got laid off, but sometimes it's a blessing in disguise...enjoy this time off while you have it :)

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  4. Oh my goodness. I died. This quote was HILARIOUS! I hope you find the perfect job soon that comes with peace and some excitement! love Katie

  5. i agree with Evani!!! FUNemployment!!! job hunt away but maybe it's time to pursue your dream?!?! baking FULL TIME!? hahaha... #thatssome.