Unemployed and Busy?

How can I be unemployed and not have enough time to blog nor read my favorite blogs?! My friend told me that I've been busy too. To be honest, I don't know where my time goes. I haven't really been napping a lot but time has been going by way too fast. Anyway, I'm stopping by for a quick update before I go on my regular posting again ;)

-I baked the most I've baked in my entire life last weekend. It was a great feeling. I just wish it was not that hot those days.

-I still have not gotten my unemployment check which is starting to get me worried...financially. No final vacation wage check either.

-We finally had Korean Barbecue and it was awesome. No pictures because we were starving and I cannot help but volunteer to cook. #controlfreak

-Fox has been a total darling. I make him run around the basement parking because we do not have a yard to get his energy drained. I discovered he loves doing rounds when we went to my friend's house and did this in her backyard.

-My iPhone has over seven gigabytes of "Documents" in it, it's annoying. A reset of it is already in order.

-We got a new vacuum and I'm soooo happy and thrilled! No more allergies! Or at least we're not going to have it as much as we did.

-I went to a drinking session with some girl friends and two guys (one of them is Ron, the DD) and I had a lot of fun. The aftermath wasn't so bad but it still reminded me of why I stopped partying hard and drinking on a regular basis.

-Here are some amazing pictures from the camping trip we took a few weeks ago: