Have You Read About HAIYAN?

It's a typhoon that struck the Eastern/Central Philippines a few days ago. I have read that the intensity of the typhoon was 3.5 times hurricane Katrina's and I could not even imagine having a Katrina-like typhoon striking the Philippines.

 Picture photographed by astronaut Karen Nyberg aboard the International Space Station via The Guardian
I have never been to the central part of the Philippines but I am well aware of the general living condition of Filipinos in each part of the country. We barely have "rich cities" there as every city has people that is struck by poverty. Tacloban, the city that pretty much absorbed the wrath of Haiyan has been wiped out of houses, buildings and unfortunately, even people. CNN reports that there may have been over ten thousand casualties from this tragedy (source).

via CNN

A guy was interviewed and he shared what he went through to survive the typhoon. He even saved a kid. From being dragged to in the waters by the gigantic waves, to finding and grabbing an 8-year-old boy holding on a coconut tree for his life, to swimming back to shore, he reveals his story. You can read the whole heart breaking story here and more stories from survivors here.

It's unbelievable that it only took a few hours for a city that has been growing for years to be torn to bits and pieces. It's so sad when I watch news from the Philippines where locals say that there is no more Tacloban and that it's now a ghost town. It's devastating.

I've been planning a yard sale with my friends so we can get rid of our old clothes but I guess there was a reason why we our plan kept getting delayed. I'll be sending the old clothes as well as canned goods that I will be shopping for this week. If you're interested in helping, you can click here for monetary donations or leave a comment if you're in Los Angeles and would like to donate your old clothes. Thank you.


  1. Where could we go to donate clothing? Thank you.

  2. It's such a tragic to see Mother Nature so devastating and hurtful. The Canadian government has donated $5millions to the Philippines and I've donated to a few fundraisers happening around the city. Hope everything gets better soon <3

  3. i have a TONS of clothes that I can donate for PI. we should meet up and donate :)

  4. This is horrible! My grandparents are in the philippines right now and I was so horrified, because we hadn't heard from them since the Typhoon happened. Luckily we heard from them today, they are safe and accounted for, they are in Manilla, which I guess was not affected too much. However, I am absolutely planning to help out in anyway I can. Such a kind sweet post!