Live. Love. Bake.

If you have been following my tweets or my instagrams, you might already know that the dog was sick this week. It was terrible since just a week ago, I brought him to the vet for his peeing problem. Turns out this time, he had a stomach bug. He was still the active little darling outside of our house but as soon as we're home, he's quiet and just curls up into a ball and rests. Poor little guy. We still have to feed him his prescription food (fancy, I know) and while we were there, we found out both his ears have an infection. :(
Last weekend was also the Eat My Blog bake sale to benefit the victims of typhoon Haiyan. We went to Old Town Pasadena to drop off the goods on Friday night. We brought Fox with us because the place is dog friendly and hey, I'd take every opportunity to take my dog with us! The following day was the bake sale and I read that they sold out in 3 hours and raised $5,500! So awesome! Here are pictures from the night we dropped off the goods ;)
Oh and I also got my passport in the mail this weekend! I got so excited that I started searching for flights to the Philippines again but that was halted thanks to Manny Pacquiao's fight which he won. Woohoo!

The whole week was pretty exhausting for me from all the baking, errands and Fox getting sick so I was glad that we had time to cuddle up on the couch last night. Ron was a darling too and let me take a good long nap while he fed and walked Fox.
In other news, I have arthritis on my right hand's middle finger.


  1. Hi Jan. That's a cute picture of you. This is d first time i saw ur pup and he looks so cute. Hope he gets well soon, and hope you too. arthritis can be hard. My mom has that too. But with proper exercise it gets fine. Take care.

  2. now if only chimmy would cuddle AND take a picture with me at the same time -_- i hope FoxMan feels better. Chimmy had pancreatitis before and was admitted for a night (horror, I tell you) so I feel ya when your pup is sick :(

    and congrats on raising $$$!!! so awesome!