Go and Glow [Sponsored] [Updated]

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of a wishlist that I'm going to tell my family and one of them was a new hair dryer. That same day, I received an email asking if I would accept this opportunity to review the new Infiniti Pro by Conair Hair Designer and Dryer and the Conair True Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush. I was beyond excited and was totally feeling lucky! I have also been noticing little blackheads on the side of my nose (SO DISGUSTING!) and have been thinking of getting another box of nose strips but hey, Conair is on its way to rescue my face!

I waited for the mailman, checked the side door of the townhouse every time I walk by it and also checked the patio every time Fox barks at the door. Until this one day when I did not check on it and Ron came home telling me that he has a package for me. After dinner that night, I grabbed my box opener and unraveled the package. Unraveled, why did I use that word?

I found two boxes and a hair brush in there. I had just gotten out of the shower an hour ago so my hair was not totally dry yet so I tried the hair dryer right away. You know what I learned? That it makes your hair REALLY straight, and really smooth and silky. I don't exactly have a problem with my hair being straight and smooth but this product made it straighter and smoother meaning no more need to heat up the hair straightener or brush my hair while drying therefore saving the time I spend on my hair! One thing that amused me was that an Argan oil conditioning strip can be inserted in the (3-in-1) styling attachment. If you didn't know, Argan oil helps reduce hair breakage by up to 75% and increase shine by up to 25%*. I also like the perfect length of the cord, I don't have to stand too close to the outlet. I would definitely be using this everyday. The only con I see is that if you have short arms, you might find using the styling attachment a little awkward to use. #truestory LOL

Next up in the trial list is the Conair true glow Sonic Cleansing Brush. This was my first time using a cleansing brush and I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. When I was doing my research on the product while waiting for it to come in the mail, I noticed that it is half the cost of other sonic skincare brushes. The sonic brush has offers 3 speeds, operating at up to 300 oscillations/second - this means it is working very hard extracting dirt and makeup from pores to prevent the formation of blackheads (GROSS), while leaving your skin feeling healthier.

After using this product, my skin felt cleaner and softer...just as I expected! Knowing myself, I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning makeup off my face so this product makes it a little fun to do for me. I swear, to me, cleaning my face is more than a chore. Thank God I don't get break outs or things like that. Oh and it also has a timer which is very handy because what does a lazy girl want in her skin care product more than something that will make caring for her skin easier. ;)
*When compared to hair dryers with natural ion generation.

UPDATE (1/12/2014):
I feel like I put make up on so I could use this product! No kidding. Every time I use it, I love seeing how much make up it's able to brush off my face even after I wash it with my cleanser. I love love love this brush!

UPDATE (7/2/2014):
So I am still using the brush and I am still so happy with it. I love that my skin glows every time I use it. There was day when I put on face powder in the morning (I usually don't) and by night fall, I thought I'd test and see if there's still powder left on my face. What do you know?! I saw my powder's pigment on the brush after I cleaned my face! That itself goes to show how important it is to use brushes like this one to help remove makeup!

Where to Buy:
  • The Infiniti Pro by Conair Hair Designer Dryer can be found exclusively at Target for an average retail price of $39.99.
  • The Conair true glow™ Sonic Cleansing Solution Kit comes with the brush base rechargeable handle, two brush heads (face and body), and a charging stand and can be purchased online or at mass, drug and some specialty beauty retailers for an average retail price of $99.99.
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