Paper Annivesary

Photo from my sister's DSLR where the pictures from our wedding are still stored. Also, I had no idea this picture existed until she posted it on Instagram. LOL
This week is something special because we celebrated our first wedding anniversary! They say the first wedding anniversary is the paper anniversary so this might be the simplest and also the most meaningful gift I've given Ron- -- I got the papers where we read our vows from and framed them!
I used prints I purchased over a year ago for the background and some foam rectangles to have the floating effect.
On the other hand, Ron got one of the picture from our wedding framed and hung. It's his favorite one and also the biggest picture I have ever seen framed at home. Now our house (finally) looks like it's a house of a married couple. Haha!

Frames for vows: 19"x15" Virserum frames from Ikea
Frame for the wedding picture: 18"x24" matted frames from Wal-mart


  1. Happy Paper Anniversary to you both. I love the gift you gave him. So meaningful!

  2. Love this! Very cute :) Happy anniversary xo