Violet VoxBox

This box took a long time coming. I was qualified for a Rose Voxbox but got bumped into this one so I had to wait a little longer. It's not a big deal though, what matters is that I got free goodies to try out! Did anyone else get the Violet Voxbox? What did you think about it?

So here are what were in the box along with my review. I will be updating these reviews as I go through all the products.

Goody Athletique Headband
I am a little nervous about wearing this headband because it does not have the non slip rubber thing under it. My head has a weird shape and no matter how thick or thin a headband is, it slides, moves back, and ends up hanging from my pony tail. Unfortunately, this headband is also a victim of my small head. What I liked about it though is that it is not too tight, it is reversible so it's like you have two headbands in one. ;)

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa - Dead Sea Mud Spa
This one was interesting. I've never used facial mask that came with an actual cloth-like thing so you wouldn't have to spread the mud yourself. It smelled really good and made my skin feel soft but one thing I noticed was that there was  stinging sensation. It's probably because the face cleanser I used dried my skin out. As someone who likes looking at ads and criticizing marketing campaigns, I think their brochure has a lot of room for improvement. There was sooo much going on. Not exactly product related but still, something to think about. :)

Sally Hansen New Triple Shine - Dive In
The color is pretty but it's kind of out of season. I am definitely wearing it though since I live in California where it's almost always summer.

SOYJOY - Dark Chocolate Cherry
Alright, honestly, I was disappointed  with this. I don't like cherry flavored stuff but I do love dark chocolate but I was not pleased by this bar. I also do not like the packaging. The bar I got tasted fake to me like it was processed so much before it got packaged.It also gave a weird texture in my mouth. As you may have already guessed, I did not finish the whole bar.

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo [My favorite thing in the Voxbox!]
I have a(n irrational) fear of dry shampoos. But this one changed my mind and I'm going to make my mom try it because she's all about taking really good care of her hair. I think she's going to love this because I did. It had a strong smell at first but it faded after I brushed my hair. My hair was also refreshed after the brushing and the oily hair feeling went away. PS, please know that I am one who would wash my hair everyday because I grew up doing that. Not washing my hair makes me feel very weird like how people feel weird when they forget to wear their wrist watch. But this dry shampoo might change that. Here's a picture of when I used cannot really see how it helped volumize my hair but check it out anyway. :p


  1. I got this voxbox too! I got the red clay face mask though & it stains! Oh my goodness.
    I'm so sorry you didn't like your SOYJOY. The one I got was cranberry & I thought it tasted good.

    The Dry Shampoo was my favorite in the box as well! :)

    Krys @ The Mister & Me

  2. I also got this VoxBox! I have a weird head as well (I'm beginning to think everyone does...), but I managed to get the headband to stay pretty well put after some fiddling! The dry shampoo was definitely my favorite. I've never found a better brand than what we received. Yay!