A Little Home Improvement

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I hate our shelves. I love the shelf itself but not how I organized them because they are not organized at all. One shelf has books, decorative items and the other has more books, CDs, etc. It just did not make sense to separate all the media into two shelves. We live in a small townhouse so being organized is essential. And as much as I hate clutter, I, half of the time, become the culprit of the clutter around the house.

I wanted to share with you how I transformed our horrendous junk shelf to a [useful] buffet as I was inspired by this.
via Sugar & Cloth

Here's what I did: Step one is emptying it because to start something, you always need a blank canvas.

Then I chose the items that did not have any space or fits awkwardly in our cupboards. The Pyrex casseroles from my sister and her gf were the actual reason why I am looking for ways to store more things around the house decoratively. So it goes on the top shelf along with snacks from the gift baskets we received during the holidays.

For the second level, I stored unused jars from the cupboard next to the every casseroles that Mom and I got at a store close to our old apartment. Unfortunately, it's now closed so now I don't know how to expand this line.

For the bottom shelf, I chose the two casseroles we bought from Marshalls with the Moscow Mule mugs I got from my old job when we had Smirnoff as our client. I found these Martini glasses in our cupboard so instead of letting it occupy valuable space in there, I brought them out and let them be a part of the buffet.

And as a result, we now have this...
...and above it...

I must say, I'm really loving these little projects I've been finding and doing around the house. I am in the process of doing another one and I'm excited to share it with you guys! :)

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