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We're back to regular programming here and hopefully, it stays this way until I can actually get used to this work and school lifestyle again. So far, my brain is not handling it too well. I've been feeling stressed because I was catching up on my homework...which I thought only required me to read two chapters. As it turns out, we also need to submit an actual homework in class. So I crammed...and knowing myself, I'm not into that cramming shit. I used to be so good at it in high school but I'm not in high school anymore so you could just imagine how pissed I was at the world last night. o_O

On a more positive note, we had an amazing time in the Northwest.
Yep, it was sunnier in Seattle (than in LA) last Friday. :)
Although it was not exactly a relaxing trip because we tried hard to squeeze in as many things to do as possible, the trip was still a great getaway from LA. I think the only down time we had was when we were on the road when we had a chance to take a nap. I always try to stay up though so someone is awake with the driver but I failed on that for the most part. I can't wait to share pictures from there!

Fox stayed with mom the entire weekend, including Friday and I was so worried for the both of them. Mom hates the cold and rain and Fox hates walking under the rain and those two things about each creature made me worry about how Fox would do #1 and #2 during the storm. They made it through though and Ron and I are super glad they did! :) Fox was even able to go to doggie day camp on Friday while mommy was at work.

Gotta go now, I'm done eating lunch and I shall continue working. Laters.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Seattle! I've never gone, but one of my close friends used to live there and always raves about it and tells me how much I would like it.