Ramen Yokocho 2014 [Ramen Festival]

If I had to sum up my review in two words, it would be "go now." However, that wouldn't really make that much sense because the festival's duration was only held for two days, March 29-30th.

I liked this festival's system. We paid $5 to get in the Santa Anita Race Track, walked to where the festival was and saw two long lines to get tickets for food. $8 for a bowl of ramen and $2 for a drink. We got 3 bowls and 2 drinks. It's important to note that the lines died down on our way out though. We were there early and they had to catch up on the super many excited patrons.

So let's talk about my favorite part, the food...

Fujin - Ramen Burger
I'd say, ramen burgers are overrated. I expected way more flavor but I did not take into consideration that the magical flavor of ramen is based on the soup not the noodles. The sauce in the burger was good, I'd love to eat them with my french fries, tater tots even. And the patty? I couldn't even taste it. I kept wondering if it was real beef or if it was made of extenders, it was so thin too. I was semi-sad when I took a bite. But then again, the burger was for us to share and I had another bowl to myself to enjoy and be happy about.

Tsujita - Ramen
This was Ron's pick. It was good but I think Ron put too much garlic in it. It was VERY garlicky for my taste. I'd still give it a try sans the garlic though. I also liked the sweetness that was in the broth - it's different and unique to me (at least), in a good way.

Horaiya - Wonton Ramen
So this place, I think, is underrated. It was one of those booths that did not have a long line so after getting my ramen burger, I just got in the short line and gave my ticket for a bowl. The broth had that "crack" factor in it that I almost did not share it with Ron. I loved that the noodles was thick too and the wontons were very tasty. This one is my favorite from my day and I would order it again if I did not have an early dinner with my friends later that day. ;)


  1. oh my gosh.... food soooo yummie here....

  2. What a fun festival! Ive never had any of these dishes before,not even ramen, it isn't as popular here in sa...yet. Thanks for stopping by sweety, have a great creative week ahead!