Running Out

Life just got a lot busier and I feel like I have been running out of time everyday to keep myself feeling sane. I for sure know how to fix this problem but the other problem is, I'm somewhat stuck and I'm feeling like my hands are tied.

I need to admit, I have been feeling very guilty that I have not been able to spend as much time with Ron and Fox. I mean, I was unemployed so I used to have all the time in the world for the both of them. But now, I have a couple of jobs and a couple of evening classes that really do take away a lot of my time that I could have been spending with them. Saying that I am frustrated is an understatement. Being too tired when the weekend rolls around does not exactly make things easier either.

So yeah, if I am not on here as much as I have been in the past week, month or year, I am either, studying, sleeping, working or hopefully, spending some sweet ass time with my loves.

Alright, time to brace myself for Monday!
Ugh, I really hope this week is a lot better than last week.

On a happier note, Ron's post birthday celebration with the our (I guess for lack of a better word) original group was a huge success. And for the first time ever, our house was at its worst shape, in the living area and the patio. It was baaaaad but it was a whole lot of fun! To everyone who came, thank you.


  1. I hope this week is a better on for you and you get some time to spend with your family

  2. Yikes, I know that frustrating feeling! We've been so go-go-go with trying to fix up our other house to sell that I swear I never see Jared anymore. Usually he doesn't get home until 10pm isn and I'm getting ready for bed. I totally understand that frustration! Hopefully you guys can find some peace and Fox will definitely forgive you ;)

  3. I hope you get some free time soon. I definitely relate to being busy. Remember to get rest and take care of yourself.